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YouTube Turns Off Comments On Videos Of Kids

YouTube will turn off comments on most of the videos which contain young kids, the organization states, and a series of other enforcement actions designed to stave off an advertiser boycott triggered by the discovery of an organized pedophile ring operating in plain sight on the video-sharing stage. The business is going to disable all opinions on videos comprising younger kids, and can also disable comments on these videos of older kids that have some danger of bringing predatory behavior, YouTube states. It’s also prioritized the launching of an AI moderator that’s sweeping in scope and will detect and remove two times longer personal remarks, that his predecessor, to identify and remove predatory comments before they may cause harm.

The new policies follow the discovery a week ago of a pedophile ring that used the stage to locate and share clips of videos featuring young kids in states of undress. The group, discovered by YouTuber Matt Watson, could post remarks on videos of young women doing exercises, dance, or performing gymnastics, frequently adding details like the time stamps where underwear was visible. The group co-opted YouTube’s recommendation algorithm after having a viewer watched videos favored by the band’s members, and the algorithm could automatically start to recommend other videos featuring young kids.

YouTube expects it’ll be in a position to stop any other prejudice by mainly ending the potential for commenting on most of the videos of young kids, except for some approved accounts. We recognized that remarks are an essential part of the YouTube experience and how do you connect with and develop your audience, stated YouTube at a blog post addressing the affected creators. In the same time, the vital steps we are sharing today are critical for maintaining young people safe.

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